Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lawine S/T 12' LP 8€

Lawine is a band from Netherlands formed in 2013 featuring members of Landverraad,Sloth,Send Creek Massacre,Grinding Halt and Antillectual. They're music is a mix of Hardcore,Screamo and Punk.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Psyke Project - "Guillotine" 12' LP/CD 14€

A fifth full-length album from this Danish band. Vinyl gatefold with CD inside. Blackened Post-Metal/Sludge Hardcore. 

Euglena - "Blizost" 10' EP 8€

From St.Petersburg (Russia) Hardcore/ Post-Metal Experimental Sludge.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

Instinct Of Survival - "North of Nowhere" CD 9€

No need to be said anything at all about this record. It's simply one of the best records and in the same time best pure Stench-core bands..Mixture of classic Crust and old school Death Metal that makes the sound of IOS brutal as fuck and total fuckin evil!!!

Leadershit - "Discography" CD 8€

This one is definitely one of my favorites! All star band featuring ex-members of Ekkaia,Cop On Fire,Disface and many more.This Cd contains tracks of their s/t LP and the split LP with Derrota. 13 tracks of insane driving D-beat Crust 'n'Roll with mixture of traditional dark/melodic Spanish Crust (Neo-Crust).

Agenda - "Menneskehetens Massegrav" 12' LP 10€

The Debut Lp by Agenda from Norway. Had the chance to play a show with them and grab a couple of copies of this LP. Great Scandi Crust/Hc with Black and old school Death Metal influences. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eskatologia - "Skam-Skuld-Svek" 10' EP 7€

Dark D-beat Crustcore with dual vocals from Gothenburg,Sweden. This is unfortunatelly their last record.

Geranium/Finisterre Split 7' EP 4€

Great Split!! Finisterre from Germany deliver two excellent songs with intense and dark Hardcore with Punk and Sludge in the mix. The French band Geranium with one long song full with anger and despair. Neo-Crust a la Ekkaia,Madame Germen and Alpinist. Highly recommended! 

Iskra - "Bureval" Demo 12' LP 8€

Fast and extreme Blackened-Crust with ultra-political lyrics from Victoria,Canada.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rivers Run Dry/Tyrannicide Split 12' LP 8€

Split Lp between the Hungarian D-beat Neo-Crust band  Rivers Run Dry and Dutch angry political Hardcore Punk band Tyrannicide. 

#002 Dispose/Disease Split 7' EP 5€

The long awaited split 7' between Disease (Macedonia) and Dispose (Sweden) is finally out! 6 tracks (3 by each band) of totally raw brutal assault,heavily influenced from the Japanese D-beat Raw Punk bands as Diclose,D-clone and Uk's legendary Discharge. Limited to 320 copies.

In cooperation with: 

Rawmantic Disasters (Germany)

Grind Your Mind Records (Brasil)

Fight Back Records (Sweden)

Noise Of Hell Records (Spain)

Unleashed Noise (Brasil)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#001 Silence Means Death/ Born For Slaughter Split Lp (Sold out)

Big sounding brutal Crust as fuck upbeat Metal mayhem with screaming/gutturals vocals from Born For Slaughter (Macedonia) meets the very convincing heavy Crust'n'Roll from Silence Means Death from Belgium.

In Cooperation with:

Ya-Basta (Germany)
Angry Voice Records (Germany)
Up The Punx Records (Poland)
Black Dawn (Belgium)
Neanderthal-Stench Distro (Belgium)
Svoboda Records (France)
Dzsukhell Records (Hungary)